An investigation into the effect of the mother’s birth experience and its impact on maternal susceptibility to postnatal depression.

J Elwood, J Stockdale, E Murray, A Bell, M Sinclair.

Ulster University, Western Trust and Northern Trust.

Funded for: £1000.


[ Service Development Grant]

Additional ultrasound and Doppler training in the third trimester for midwives.

Pat Scott, Paul Fogarty.

South-Eastern Trust.

Funded for: £1500.



Self-reported mental disorders in pregnancy in Northern Ireland: secondary analysis of data from the Northern Ireland Maternity System (NIMATS)

D Mongan, C Mulholland, J Lynch, C Shannnon, O McCambridge, D Hanna, R Morrow, R Connolly, C Gorman, S Hamilton, D Boulter.

Queen’s University, Northern Trust, Belfast Trust, Southern Trust, Public Health Agency.

Funded for: £2000.

Puffin Funding
Puffin Funding